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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Food & Beverages / Restaurant

Effectively comply with regulations set within your industry, increase your team’s productivity and at the same time, focusing more to grow on their business. We offer industry solutions catered to the F&B/restaurant business, enabling you to have a tighter rein on your organization, to run it smoother and better.

- Efficient handling of food process, ensuring a HACCP compliance system is engaged
- Inducing of an effective recipe management, calculating the production yield of each recipe and measuring the output of the finished goal and comparing it against the ingredient used
- Easily locate product information and details by sharing real-time data across your organization
- Centralized database storing each and every one of your department’s activities, from financial, manufacturing, inventory & distribution, makes it easier to comply with regulation requests and measurements. Everything is automatically stored & updated in the system, including individual transactions and related events.
- Identify profitability trends, inventory movements and monitor your orders and fulfilments
- Familiarity of use, lessening training time for your staff
- Enables data customization by attributing and setting up characteristics and values to your recorded information, which you’ll need to better understand the flow of money in your organization, as well as the improvements that can be made.
- View buying histories, create user specific criteria allowances and share updated information with customers regarding your products and services. Make it easy for them to put in an order, follow it up and for them to keep on coming back for more.
- Provides a Materials Requirements Planning function, giving a summary of all available raw materials and identifying those that needs to be replenished or those that have not been used yet
- Enables systematic arrangement based on picking rules such as FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Food & Beverages / Restaurant

- Allows integration of Iphone and Ipad applications to keep tabs on customer activities
- Single repository of data, necessary for easy viewing and report generation to compile, monitor and quickly act to customer inquiries and interactions
- Enables automation of routine tasks such as segmentation of customer issue, prepopulating of customer information and email templates
- Familiar interface, lessening training time and process

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