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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Healthcare

Reduce cost, increase staff’s productivity and at the same time, deliver high-quality healthcare. We offer industry solutions catered to the healthcare business, enabling you to have a tighter rein on your organization, to run it smoother and better.

- Integrate & obtain real-time healthcare-related information (patient, physician’s & staff’s schedules as well as financial matters) and effectively coordinate with one another
- Improve medical case management
- Focus more on patients by automating administration and/or paper-related tasks
- Easily reply with regulations and compliance request and maintenance by easy access and downloading to necessary documents and materials
- Effective coordination of educational and outreach activities
- Enables quick storing, categorization and searching of necessary documents to comply with regulations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

- Build workflows that streamline the collection and authorized sharing of patient information across departments or facilities within a highly secure environment.
- Proactive notification and reminder of patient’s upcoming appointments and educational events
- View and analyse data to quickly identify trends-such as increases in viral illnesses-for quick response and action
- Create outreach campaigns to attract physicians and nurses to your healthcare facility