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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Hospitality

Obtain greater control and improve sales and marketing process. We offer industry solutions catered to the hospitality business, enabling you to have a tighter rein on your organization, to run it smoother and better.

- Enhances customer acquisition and retention plans
- Effective creation and monitory of membership and loyalty programs
- Powerful combination of customer relationship management functionality with effective management of other related services, such as sales and marketing
- Single, real-time repository of information for the internal team
- Automate sales processing operations such as issuance & printing of ticket, receipt and invoice
- Provide real-time information to pool and allocate relevant resources for different departments, such as repairs and replacements, upgrade of accommodation, increase in number of bookings and/or cancellations, etc.
- Quick coordination and monitoring of customer requests, sales activities and marketing efforts
- Record and analyse customer trends to quickly provide appropriate incentives and to explore more opportunities
- Better internal communication for a more efficient customer service
- Effective integration of internal systems such as bank-client system, timesheet, booking and warehouse system, housekeeping, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

- Provides integration and downloading of Iphone & Ipad applications for customers
- Automates customer-related activities such as the processing of catalogue request and forwarding it to the necessary team or individual for handling
- Recording and segmenting of profiles to quickly identify sales opportunities and improved marketing efforts
- Allows creation of campaigns such as telemarketing, email, direct mail, etc., basing it on customer profile and market segmentation
- Easily associate events and ticketing with accounts and sponsorships
- Tight integration with MS tools such as Excel and Outlook