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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Logistics & Warehousing

Streamline logistics and warehouse operations seamlessly. We offer industry solutions catered to the logistics and warehousing business, enabling you to have a tighter rein on your organization, to run it smoother and better.

- Easy management for related logistics and warehousing mediums, such as trailer, trains, mobile trains, ramp truck and lorry crane
- Automates processes such as receiving of orders and sending of quotations
- Tracks and monitors cargo routes
- Provides meticulous planning for cargo schedules, enabling quick schedule modifications
- Provides integration of purchasing, sales, warehouse and logistics current data and forecasts, reducing costs and improving speed of order fulfilment
- Maximize use of storage places through quick allocation strategies and better control of material flow and work process
- Access to real-time information to monitor customer demands, stock availability, inventory, etc.
- Enhances growth by adapting and scaling to your business needs
- Reduce redundant data handling
- Fast processing of large volumes of transactions
- Allows creation of an event-based workflow to manage items
- Easy management of inventory parameters
- Quick viewing of all inventory-related transactions in a single database
- Streamlines warehouse operations, optimizing your staff’s time and resources
- Monitor completion of orders from any workstation