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Asterisk Lost & Found Solutions

Don’t Upset Your Customers
Losing valuable items is a harrowing experience, not only for the involved individual but also for staff members handling the said cases. Accomodating frustrated customers who lost their valuables right in your vicinity could be quite hard, especially if your staff doesn’t have the right tools and training to help the former. You can turn that upsetting experience into a more positive one by having an effective system that would make it eaiser for both your customers and your employees to retrieve lost items.

Asterisk LnF Solution (Lost and Found System) powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a quicker way for your staff to help customers retieve their lost items, improving not only the whole customer experience for the latter, but also enhancing the image of your business, by providing excellent assistance to your distraught target market.

Businesses and Locations Suitable for Lost and Found Solutions
Mass Transports
1. Trains
2. Taxis
3. Buses
4. Airlines

Event Venues
1. Convention centers
2. Stadiums
3. Cinema

Public Places/ Mass Crowds
1. Schools
2. Hospitals
3. Airports
4. Hotels
5. Malls
6. Office Campuses

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