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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Manufacturing & Distribution

Manage your team effectively, reduce delays and losses, lessen staff hiring and expenses and generally have a keen insight on every activity. We offer industry solutions catered to the manufacturing and distribution business, enabling you to have a tighter rein on your organization, to run it smoother and better.

- Efficient way of managing production schedules, quickly modifying operations and components
- Planning of product family orders that share the same routing can also be done, dynamically organizing build schedules
- Available viewing of production schedules
- Accurate evaluation of promise orders with available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) insight.
- Enhanced consolidation and forecasting of demands, integrating it with an improved capacity requirements planning system, capable of redefining order modifiers, reorder policies and accommodated changing ship floor workloads
- Improves supply planning efforts and methods, enabling you to update and change materials, costs and operations simultaneously
- Allows you to plan from the sales order, production order or use traditional master production schedule (MPS) or material requirements planning (MPR) methods.
- Enables tight integration of different types of bills of material (BOM) into manufacturing operations, while supporting time-to-market and time-volume objectives
- Increase convenience in allocating resources by streamlining manufacturing and warehousing functionalities, optimizing warehouse layout and space utilization and maintain up-to-date inventory information
- Available multiple planning options, from sales order, production order and requisition, enabling necessary and easy adjustments
- Simplify processes for capacity demands such as order modification and manufacturing policies
- Track and monitor status of multiline and/or multilevel orders
- ERP system would greatly assist them in managing incurring cost and effectively manage sales and purchase prices with vendors and customers by providing a more comprehensive view of item costs throughout the production process, including but not limited to inventory, cost of goods sold (COGS) and work in progress (WIP)
- Improved supply chain management by noting available dates by suppliers and tracking promise dates to customers
- Ability to calculate and plan supply chain efficiently