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Asterisk NGO/NPO Solutions

Asterisk NGO/NPO Solutions provides a solution perfectly tailored to handle is special requirements. A ready-to-use solution, it automatically reduces implementation and deployment time and lowers product risk. From ensuring that government industry standards are followed, a careful and efficient system of managing donors and their resources and handling of volunteer applications and activities, the Asterisk NGO/NPO Solutions provides you a comprehensive system for your organization.

An easier way of complying with accounting standards, creating an effective donor profile & collection management system and improving the internal productivity of an organization is necessary for the continued success of any related-industry and Asterisk NGO/NPO Solutions gives you more reign in running your organization.

Some of its features include:

Charity Accounting Standard
• Format & Basis for Charity Accounting Standard Compliance
- Statement of Financial Activities Format, Balance Sheet Format, Funds of Charity
• Feature to generate CAS compliance Reports
• Availability of IPC friendly-system IPC receipt printing)

Fund Management System
• Source of Funds
• Types of Funds
• Allocation of Funds

Donor Management System
• Systematically stores donor profiles and relevant information
• Manages donation pipeline

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