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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Marine - Oil Bunkering

Manage shipping processes more efficiently. Reduce manual tasks and integrate work flow though Microsoft Dynamics. We offer industry solutions catered to the marine business, enabling you to have a tighter rein on your organization, to run it smoother and better.

- Allow usage of trade nomination
- Enables back to back order
- Special payment terms based on delivery
- Automates RFQ process for easy sending to suppliers and customers
- Tracking of trader and broker performance for a comprehensive profitability calculation
- Availability of price criteria; Fixed, MOPS (Mean of Platts) and Bunker wire
- Preventive Measurement Solution is included, tracking ship parts that needs repairing or replacement
- Calculate financing for each trade
- Approval process are based on payment terms
- Provides credit evaluation process
- Tracks overdue balances of customers
- Monitors sales volume inquiries by customers
- Capture and report profitability on multi-product spot and term bunker deals, from contract through to settlement.
- Allocate cargo purchases, sales, internal movements and outturn adjustments by location
- Report credit risks associated with new and existing customers
- Create reports using access to timely local and global crude prices, bunker prices, port information, analysis and news
- Report key performance indicators and metrics.
- Consolidated risk management