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Asterisk High Tech (IT Reseller) Service Management Solution

Apply the basic fundamentals of customer relationship management system and add the key requirements for any IT company to function well and you’ll have the High Tech (IT Reseller) Solution. This system not only handles the sales, marketing and customer relationship part of the targeting, acquiring and retaining clients, it also involves the pre-sales and maintenance support, key items that are vital for any IT-related companies. Effectively raise the level of accommodating your customers by carefully registering relevant calls, emails, web requests, problems and job requests through automatically providing case or ticket numbers and monitoring the level of escalation of each case, even calculating and keep track of Service Level Promotion and Turn-Around Time. Manage contracts and accounts as well with customers, vendors and contractors. Other key functions includes a built-in template, service management dashboard – real time charts and build-in reports in excel, pdf or html.

Key Benefits:
- Reduce Costs, Both Time & Money
- Easy to Use and Fast to Deploy
- Monitor Performance & Trends
- Spot Inefficiencies To Improve Service
- Make Informed Decisions Based On Real-Time Facts
- Improve Communication and Information Flow
- Streamline & Enhance Process/Service

Key Features:
- Register Calls, Emails, Web Requests, Problems, Job Requests
- Auto Case/Ticket Number Issuance
- Rule based Auto-Priority of Case
- Auto or Manual Assignment, Case distribution, Monitoring
- Escalation based Specific Case Subject
- Service Level Promotion and Turn Around Time (TAT) calculation
- Recording and Capturing of Case Historical Activities and Events
- Raise, Track and Close Work Orders
- Self-Service Portal for Help Desk - Intranet
- Self-Service Portal for Customers – Extranet
- Account and Contact Management (Customers, Vendors, Contractors)
- Record Solutions and Convert to Knowledge Base
- Easy and Advance Find Search Tool
- Push Knowledge Base to External FAQ
- Workflow and Alerts Engine
- Built-In Email Templates
- Service Management Dashboard – Real Time Charts
- Built-in Reports in Excel, PDF or HTML

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