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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Marine – Ship Repairs

Manage shipping processes more efficiently. Reduce manual tasks and integrate work flow though Microsoft Dynamics. We offer industry solutions catered to the marine business, enabling you to have a tighter rein on your organization, to run it smoother and better.

- Integrate information smoothly within the different departments; from sales, production, manufacturing, etc.
- Able to monitor and compare each of the production stages
- Efficiently processing and prioritizing delivery schedules
- Effective handling and usage of the machinery equipment
- Improve turnaround time for each order
- Maximize over-all production in all involved departments
- Advanced reporting system, sending notifications and updates to customers
- Proficient forecasting of completion/production orders
- Ease in schedule planning and tracking available slots
- Immediate data recording and storing of raw materials
- Lessens paper-based workflows by providing automated processes
- Track vessel and vessel owner details
- Provides updates and status of each job process from relevant departments
- Effectively stores job history for standardization of work schedules
- Provides estimated time completion/requirement for each job process
- Allows scheduling and modifying of job tasks to give careful advices customer on delivery dates
- Monitors capacity of equipment for quick shifting tasks to other plants
- Efficiently tracks manufacturing route
- Notifies management/production manager of budget overruns