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Asterisk Vendor Management Solution

Managing the whole vendor selection process and keep track of progress and performance report is now made easier with Asterisk Vendor Management solution. Make it efficient to contact a relevant vendor at hand by having all your existing vendors register in the solution, making it easy to make your requirements known, either internally or externally, as bidding submissions can be done online. Award notification can also more convenient, as you can easily contact them. Categorize them neatly, according to qualification, company profile, historical profile,, key contacts and roles, historical transactions and more. Even the storing of tenders, bids and relevant documents is possible in the system. Keep tabs as well on your contracts, letting you know of expiration dates, termination dates, renewals and other relevant items. Keep track of their performance by noting it down in the system, even issuing deliverables, supply fault, scoring and even contract breach related items.

Key functions are as follows:

Vendor Self-Service Portal (Extranet)
- Vendor Profile Manager
- Opportunity/Bid Listings
- Online Bid Submission
- Awards Notification

Document Management (Intranet)
- Tender/Bid/RFP Document Repository
- Contract Repository
- Document Version Management
- Knowledge Base Repository

Vendor Profile Management
- Vendor Registration
- Vendor Qualification and Approval
- Vendor Company Profile
- Vendor Historical Profile
- Vendor Key Contacts and Roles
- Vendor Historical Transactions
- Vendor Segmentation e.g., Supplies, Competency, Size, etc.

Tender and Contract (Projects) Management
- Tender and RFP Requirements Management
- Tender Lifecycle Management – Document Management
- Tender Posting and Communications
- Tender Approval Management

Vendor Issue Management
- Vendor Case Management
- Deliverable Issue tracking
- Supply Fault Management
- Vendor Performance based on Issue Resolutions

Vendor Performance Management - Vendor Performance Assessment
- Vendor Scoring
- Vendor Exclusions
- Contract Breach Alerts

VRM Reports and Analytics
- Vendor Segmentation Analysis
- Top Vendors
- Vendors by Supply Types
- Tender/Bids Reports by Vendors Award
- Vendors Issues Analysis