Microsoft Dynamcis NAV

We have been helping the streamlining of business operations become ultimately simple and better. Maximize your assets and greatly improve your cash flow through Microsoft Dynamics NAV, giving you the ability to make smarter and faster decisions, to stay ahead of your competition.

Practical Solutions for Greatly Improved Results

Easy access to updated information gives you a keen insight in monitoring your business activity and in making the right move that is crucial for the continued growth of your company. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the people in your organization are given the most up-to-date information, which they can easily use to effectively communicate and collaborate with one another, empowering them to be more proactive and productive.

Microsoft Dynamics also provides role-specific functions that caters to every job function, whether it may be in sales, marketing, human resources, purchasing, warehouse, logistics, customer service, manufacturing or the management, processes are smoothly integrated, allowing people to work smarter and faster.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you the following advantage:

> Seamless and Organized Financial Activity
Share information more effectively and efficiently, making the flow of business, faster and better. Quick, easily accessible data makes the decision making process faster and better.

> Live View of Financial Data
Transparent and real-time financial data provides you the ease of upkeep and maintenance of your finance-related activities

> Easy Automation
Your people's time and effort are better allotted to making more complicated business decisions. Flexible and easy to use business tools are of utmost importance.

> Sales Opportunities Identified
Analyse real-time data to immediately recognize golden opportunities crucial for the continued growth of your business

> Retained Customer Satisfaction
Easier implementation of business activities which continues driving sales growth and loyalty among your customers are a key advantage for your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Effectively target, acquire and retain customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Maximizing allocation of your sales and marketing activities is now made easier. Easily identify opportunities, improve business relationships and quickly react to every changing market and industry activity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to improve the process within the three front-line departments, the sales, marketing and customer service department, that generate the revenues and keep customers coming back for more.

Marketing Management
- Pinpoint your marketing efforts
- Streamline campaign planning
- Simplify campaign execution
- Improve response management
- Streamline lead tracking
- Automate workflows
- Gain key insights for decision making

Sales Management
- Improve sales planning and management
- Automate your leads system
- Manage opportunities quickly
- Streamline account management
- Boost sales productivity
- Enhance pipeline management
- Simplify work process
- Gain visibility and improve decision making

Customer Service Management
- Manage accounts with insight and collaboration
- Enhance customer service with insightful, actionable intelligence
- Respond to cases quickly and precisely
- Simplify contract management
- Get the right information at the right time
- Streamline scheduling with all resources required to perform a service
- Establish processes that facilitate a connected organization that is collaborative and integrated

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile ERP

Lower operational costs and increase your productivity by running your business through mobile means. With Asterisk Mobile ERP, you can be anywhere and still be updated about the on going transactions in your office, keep track of expenses, check up on employees' activities, track and monitor sales orders, view financial reports in real time, follow supply chain trail, view and continue satisfying customers through various means.

We offer the following features:
- Order Management
- Invoice Tracking Purchase
- Order Monitoring Inventory
- Management Expense
- Monitoring Financial
- Reports Sales order tracking

Mobile CRM

Enhance the productivity of your workforce, anytime, anywhere and in any device. Gain an extension of your CRM system, even on the go, without the limiting physical capabilities of your office PC or laptop. Let your sales team allot more time to face customers than do more administrative tasks, let them access business applications such as sales orders, inventory, etc. provide clients with real-time information instantly and more.

We offer the following features:
- Sales Force Automation
- Sales Productivity Tool
- Account and Contact Management
- Lead and Sales Opportunity Management
- Supports mobile devices such as: iPhone®, iPad®,BlackBerry®,WindowsPhone®, Android™
- Powerful integration with native device applications
– E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, Phone and tasks for maximum productivity.
- Offline, Online and Hybrid connection support means mobile users always have access to their data

Mobile Forms

Go Paperless. Go Mobile. Reduce the need for printing documents, save money from eliminating the need for printers and ink, save space from files and files of physical documents and secure data and information from wear and tear through Asterisk Forms Solutions, powered by Formutus. Simplify your business by placing documents, contracts, transactions and forms right on your mobile or table devices. Work even offline and update information when connected. No need to print, carry, file and return paper forms which can be damaged, misread or worst, even get lost. Secure those documents wirelessly so you'll have every form you need even on the go.

Key Functions:
- Health Privacy Notice (HIPAA)
- Health Treatment Authorization - Health Pain Questionnaire
- Building Safety Inspection - Incident Report
- Job Quote - Work Order
- Job Report - Invoice Custom Mobile Data Applications - Signature capture for agreements, notifications, and proof of delivery

Mobile Sharepoint

Document Management On The Get Go Access your office documents, files, contracts, transactions and even images through your mobile device with Shareplus Enterprise. Have the same functions and features of your SharePoint with the added leverage of going mobile, enabling you to view , manage and edit your office documents even if you're out of the office.

Sharepoint has the following functions:
Easy Access – Check your SharePoint files anytime, anywhere, even in places with minimal internet connection
In-house deployment – Approve and release updated information right on our mobile devices
Share Secure Data – Seamlessly share information with your team members with a secured web access
Capture Media – Record and upload audio and video content and save them on your SharePoint
Manage Items – Open documents, read PDF files, sort and group items, move and rename your files without having to go to your office
Edit Content – Add, remove or revise items in your calendar, tasks, contacts, blogs and more

Mobile Analytics

Create and analyse financial reports easily with Asterisk Mobile Analytics. Improve business decisions by having a comprehensive view of sales activities, compute and review monthly sales targets by region and items and gain an over-all sense of an effective forecasting sales method.

We offer the following features:
- Improve sales activities and find out
- Corporate performance mobile dashboard
- Business scorecards on mobile
- Charts and figures on your mobile

Online Media

CRM on the web, social network connected Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the web provides comprehensive online services capabilities helping businesses expand market share. From your online forms residing on your website such Inquiry, customer support, subscriptions and request for quotation forms, we link and integrate them to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide you a close-loop process, ensuring immediate actions from your internal team. We are Social Network friendly, adding more business value out of your Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn Connection where we integrate forms, emails and notifications to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and directly analyse how social media contributes to your organization. - Online Media Solutions
- Corporate Websites and Design
- Customer Portal Designs and Development
- Website Online Forms
- Facebook Fan Page Development
- Facebook Contact Us forms
- LinkedIn to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

Business Intelligence

Time is of utmost importance, especially when showing the latest financial figures to a boardroom meeting. We know you want it delivered fast and presented cleanly.
With Jet Reports, we optimize your energy and encourage productivity by taking out the struggle of controlling your data and translating those into comprehensive reports.
Jet Reports is a business intelligence solutions that lets you use, create and consolidate data from you excel file and manage and share those with your team.
Automatic Reports Create charts, graphs and formulas as easy as 1-2-3 in the comforts of your excel file.
Immediate & Unified Data Grab and update information seamlessly, without having to export, copy/paste or reformat anything.
User-Friendly System Installation is quick, integration is easy and less learning time for you.
Fast Distribution Schedule reports and automate its data refreshing and distribution with no hassle.